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Since 1988, Lanvain is perfecting the art of design of life and work spaces. We work closely with designers and architects to create thoughtful spaces that are up to your standards. Our wealth of experience informs every step of ur process.


Design is at the heart of Lanvain. We work with you to explore your vision and conceive a space that highlights what makes you unique. Every element of our design is custom-made.

Technical plans

Your project deserves a solid foundation. With over 30 years in the industry, we possess the experience to meet your technical needs while reflecting your design choices and style.

Custom-made furniture

Furniture, equipment, accents and structures, we conceive the right element to fit your space and your life. Completely custom-made or adapted from previous designs, we always have the right piece.

Over 30 years of design.

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Designed and assembled in Canada

Proudly local, we encourage local creators, suppliers and professionals. The Lanvain collection is designed and assembled right here in Canada.

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