A little extra that makes all the difference

At Lanvain, we not only promote the quality of our products, but also the quality of life of hair stylist and their customers. Styling can cause negative effects on the body due to prolonged positions, such as back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Physical health is essential for hair stylist professionals.

Offering comfort furniture in a hair salon has a huge positive impact on employees. By providing ergonomic accessories and seats, hair stylist feel valued and supported. This improves their well-being at work, reducing the risk of muscle pain and fatigue. Comfortable furniture creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity and productivity, allowing employees to focus more on their art. By promoting their comfort, the salon stimulates the professional satisfaction of its hair stylist, thus increasing their motivation and their loyalty to the company. In short, investing in comfort furniture for employees contributes to creating a harmonious and efficient work environment, beneficial both for the hair stylist and for the success of the salon.

These additions also have a considerable positive impact on customers, who will feel pampered and privileged to be able to benefit from them. This strengthens their loyalty, because they find additional comfort in it. They appreciate the attention given to their well-being, which is a plus to their overall experience. The relaxing ambience encourages deep relaxation and promotes an enjoyable styling experience. In addition, satisfied customers will be more likely to share their positive experience with those around them, thus attracting new customers.

In short, providing comfort furniture in a hair salon creates an atmosphere conducive to the well-being and satisfaction of both the professional and the clientele, thus strengthening the reputation and growth of the salon.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you stand out : 

Antifatigue mat

The antifatigue mat is a necessity for hair stylist. The cushioned surface decreases the physical fatigue your body may feel after a long day. Studies have concluded that it is beneficial for the knees and spine, reducing muscle pain.

The Lanvain antifatigue mat will quickly become your best friend!

Hair stylist stool

Thanks to its backrest, the Comfort styling stool provides back support, making work from a seated position more comfortable. This stool also features anti-hair wheels for easy rolling and cleaning.

You will finally be able to rest your legs without hurting your back!

Comfortable neck support for styling sinks

The neck rest support the weight of the head and is designed to provide instant relief from hard, cold sinks while washing hair. It allows customers to relax and enjoy hair washing, treatments and post-treatments.

You will no longer need to apologize for the discomfort!

Pressure and temperature balancer for hair styling sinks

The pressure and temperature balancing valve for backwash and sinks eliminates fluctuations in water temperature in addition to reducing water consumption and water usage costs.

A winning solution for the client as well as for the hair salon!


The Gentlemen Foot rest for your workstation is freestanding and features a stunning brushed stainless steel finish. It's the perfect addition to one of our styling stations.

Contemporary in style, the backwash Footrest features bold, symmetrical angles and a strong shape to pair with most Lanvain branded compact wash units.

So why not add a little more comfort and let your customers rest their feet at ease!