2024 Color and Decoration Trends

Interior design is a constantly evolving world. Each year brings its share of novelties in terms of trends. To get an idea of what 2024 will look like in this regard, here's an overview of the colors and decorations in vogue.

Firstly, the trending color palette resonates with nature under the influence of vintage style. This includes natural, vintage, or worn-looking colors that are warm and reassuring, emphasizing beauty and imperfection.

Dark Gray: Enhancing Your Living Spaces

This color is a softened and versatile version that can make a room warmer and more sophisticated. It allows you to create an impact or exude simplicity. It brings out your wooden furnishings and adjusts to matte white finishes.

Violet Blue: Sumptuous Shade

An area with ambient lighting pairs well with this type of color. Violet blue is part of the return to comforting values, providing a sense of comfort. Its contrasts between light and darkness create a captivating depth.

Pale Yellow: Blend of a Primary Color with a Neutral Tone

Pale yellow is both warm and refreshing. It has enough personality to be used as a primary color and harmonizes well with a vast palette of colors and wood tones. Additionally, it complements black and brass metals, as well as polished silver and bronze finishes.


Earth Tones: Reference to Natural Materials

These colors pay homage to the earth and recall raw materials such as dark wood or stone. They add warmth to a room and can bring out the elegance of sophisticated decors by adding light touches of beige and ecru. Examples include browns, terracotta, and ochres.

Green Shades: Evocation of Plant Colors

Green shades redefine a serene and soothing environment and blend well with chalky white and light, natural tones. Decorative elements in brown and ochre paired with green hues create an authentic and modern ambiance. Examples include olive green, almond, sage, moss, and lichen.


As for decor trends in 2024:

Durable and Versatile Materials

These will be the trend in terms of interior design as they symbolize durability and possibilities. Designers adopt this approach as these materials are visually appealing while being eco-friendly.

Original Architectural Elements

These will be in vogue for the new year. In an era dominated by mass production and automation, there's a growing need for a return to authenticity and sustainability. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather remain in demand.

Curves and Simple Elements

These will be back in fashion. Minimalism takes the spotlight, with soft contours and clean lines creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. In 2024, striking contrasts give way to a subtle approach. Matte white and stainless steel are excellent choices in this regard.

In conclusion, 2024 will be marked by clean, natural, and sustainable tones. That's why Lanvain offers a beautiful variety of colors (black, tan, taupe, sand, and black coffee) in its furniture that would blend well with these new trends.