Discover the excellence of Lanvain furniture

When it comes to equip your hair salon with top quality furniture, the Lanvain brand stands out for its commitment to excellence. For many years, Lanvain has built a solid reputation in the hair styling industry by offering furniture of impeccable design, exceptional quality and carefully selected provenance. We are going to explore the characteristics that make Lanvain furniture an essential choice for hair styling professionals.


Their design

Lanvain emphasizes avant-garde design that combines aesthetics and functionality. Their furniture are distinguished by their ergonomics, modernity and minimalism. Each piece is carefully designed to provide optimal comfort for clients and hair stylist, while creating an elegant atmosphere in the salon.

Their packaging

Lanvain attaches great importance to the protection of furniture during transport. Their packaging is thought out to the smallest detail, with complete technical data sheets and brochures provided, doubled and tripled cartons, "crated" boxes for the washbasin units and rigorous inspection before delivery. In addition, protective foam and plastic packaging ensures maximum safety so that the furniture arrive in perfect condition.

Their quality

Quality is at the heart of every Lanvain product. They use premium materials such as commercial grade vegan leatherette/vinyl which is known for its durability and luxurious look. Plus, every furniture is backed by a solid warranty and compliance with North American manufacturing standards, providing peace of mind for salon owners. Memory foam padding ensures superior comfort, while the average lifespan of 10-15 years is testament to the strength and durability of Lanvain furnitures.

 Their provenance

Lanvain attaches great importance to the origin of the components of their furnitures. They work with nearly 20 manufacturers around the world to ensure they get the best materials and components. For example, bases and metals come from Germany and some plumbing parts are made in Canada and the United States. They also have parts that are imported from Italy, while others are entirely made in Canada. Final assembly is done at Lanvain, ensuring rigorous quality control at every stage of the process.


Lanvain furnitures stand out for their aesthetic design, superior quality and carefully selected provenance.