6 decorative trends to transform your hair salon into an elegant space

Your hair salon is more than just a place to take care of the beauty of your customers. It is also a reflection of your personality and your style. To attract new customers and retain those you already have, it is essential to adapt your decoration to current trends. With the arrival of spring, the season of renewal, it's the perfect time to refresh the atmosphere of your salon and opt for a modern and sophisticated decoration.

At Lanvain, we understand the importance of having a functional and stylish workspace. We offer high quality furniture and accessories for hair salons, with meticulous finishes to create a pleasant and relaxing working environment for your clients. If you want to breathe new life into your hair salon this spring, Lanvain is the benchmark for inspiration and quality products.

Pastel tones for a soft and relaxing atmosphere

Pastel colors are very popular this season, and they can also be used for decorating your hair salon. Soft shades of pink, blue or green bring a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your space, and they look very stylish too. You can use these colors for your walls, your accessories or even your furniture. This trend is to paint only half of a wall or draw an arch to structure the space. This offers a creative and original way to decorate your interior, bringing a touch of modernity and dynamism to a room.

Plants for a touch of nature in your hair salon

Plants bring life and freshness to any space. This spring, green plants are very trendy and they can add a touch of nature to your hair salon. You can arrange them in terracotta pots or in wicker baskets for a more natural look.

Centre Santé du Cheveu

Natural materials for a warm and comfortable atmosphere

Natural materials like wood or rattan are very popular this season. They bring a touch of warmth and comfort to your space, and they can also be used for your furniture or accessories. Customers will appreciate the soothing ambience of your hair salon.

Lighting to create a welcoming and modern atmosphere

Lighting is crucial in creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your hair salon. This spring, modern and elegant lighting is very trendy. You can opt for hanging lamps above hairdressing stations, wall sconces for soft lighting or recessed lights to highlight certain elements of your decoration.

Round or oval mirrors for a touch of originality and modernity

It is a key element in a hairdressing salon. This spring, round or oval mirrors are very trendy. This variant is available with the Nola station and Nola Double from Lanvain. Bringing a touch of originality and modernity to your space, you can arrange them on the walls or centrally to separate the different hairdressing stations.

Gold accessories to add a touch of shine and sophistication to your hair salon

They can be used to bring a touch of originality and personality to your hair salon. This spring, golden accessories are very trendy. Lanvain offers the faucets for your washbasin as well as the base of your chair in a gold finish.