Adopt the bohemian chic look in your salon

Let the bohemian spirit in you shine! Embrace the hippie chic style and get noticed with creative, sunny vibes in your space. Let yourself be seduced by the natural colors that bring poetry to every salon.

Transform your space with Lanvain's unique and colorful bohemian chic styles. Whites, sands, taupes or tans, be creative to design the perfect atmosphere for all spirits in search of freedom.

We tell you everything!

Create a bohemian atmosphere with warm colors

Create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere with a mix of warm and sunny hues - pink, red, yellow, terracotta and brown reminiscent of Eastern countries. Add pops of white or beige to brighten up your space for total relaxation

Get the authentic look with natural materials

Through the use of natural materials like wicker, bamboo and wood, your space can be elegantly adorned in a style that is both comfortable and contemporary. Not only is this trend in line with current fashion, but it also helps us protect our planet!

The integration of geometric patterns

Give your space a retro touch by mixing the patterns. Showcase groovy graphics like diamonds, checkers, waves and flowers to bring the 70s to life in style! Floral prints never go out of style either – think lush greenery layered over unique decorative items for a bohemian-chic look.

Soft, warm and welcoming: Linen

Linen offers an exotic and inviting bohemian vibe to any space, perfect for those looking for a tasteful makeover. With its delicate shades of white and beige, linen is synonymous with opulence - not only is it divine, but it boasts excellent thermoregulation that keeps body temperature comfortable in hot or cold weather.

The perfect finishing touch

Create a chic bohemian atmosphere in your interior with creative decorations such as fairy lights, dream catchers, sun mirrors and wooden furniture. Add unique touches like rugs, wicker baskets, pom-pom throws and throw pillows to give the living room more volume.

Macrame, a must-have for bohemian decoration

Add a touch of comfort and creativity to your bohemian decoration with macrame! From bedroom pendants to your salon wall hangings, this intricate art form weaves braided cords for visually striking effect. Embellish flower pots, surround mirrors or throw blankets into the mix - let your imagination be your guide!

The best light for your health

Living spaces illuminated by natural light are not only practical and pleasant, but create strikingly beautiful effects. Build a seamless partition like in the office or kitchen with interior skylights for even more lighting options. Incorporate sculpted mirrors to enhance the atmosphere - choose coated mirrors for sparkle, webbing for subtle sophistication for gorgeous reflectivity.

Liven up any room with green plants

Create a breath of fresh air in your salon with the invigorating presence of lush green plants. Whether it's aloe vera, ficus, kentia or pilea plants, terrariums or small planters, inviting an indoor garden into your space isn't just stylish, it's also beneficial for general health and well-being, as it helps relieve stress, stimulate creativity and purify the surrounding air