The 9 reasons to use the space design service at Lanvain

You are planning to open a salon and you want to create a space that lives up to your dreams, functional, aesthetic and unique. However, you wonder how to bring this vision to life and how to avoid costly mistakes in the design process. This is where Lanvain comes in, your trusted partner for space design. Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should use their service:

A designer at your service

At Lanvain, the designer attaches great importance to your needs and desires. He listens to you carefully to understand your expectations and your objectives. From the first meeting until the opening of your salon, the designer accompanies you every step of the way to make your vision come true.

Domain Expertise

Hiring an experienced space design professional like Lanvain is a wise investment. Their expertise in the field allows you to avoid costly mistakes and bad choices. They are up to date with the latest trends and best practices in designing spaces.

Maximization of workspaces

One of the major challenges in designing a beauty salon is to optimize the available space. Lanvain has in-depth knowledge of spatial planning and optimal circulation between the various services offered in your business. They will ensure that every inch is used effectively, creating a smooth and functional working environment

Harmonization of colors and atmosphere

Lanvain understands the importance of creating a pleasant and cohesive ambiance in your space. They will know how to harmonize colors, textures and decorative elements to create an atmosphere that matches your tastes and the image of your salon.

Advice on the choice of materials

With their expertise, Lanvain's designers can guide you in choosing the right materials for your budget. They know the trusted suppliers and quality materials that will make your salon look professional and long-lasting. This gives you better value for money.

"WOW" effect upon entry

When customers walk through your salon door, you want them to be impressed from the first moment. Lanvain excels in creating stunning and memorable spaces. They will know how to design an entrance that will grab attention, create a positive first impression and keep customers coming back.

A custom and unique salon

Lanvain understands that each beauty salon is unique, just like your vision and your brand image. By working with them, you can be assured of getting a salon that reflects your identity and stands out from the competition. They combine their creativity with your vision to design a space that suits you, incorporating distinctive elements and unique features.

Follow-up and ongoing support

Lanvain doesn't just design your space and leave it in your hands. They offer ongoing follow-up and support to ensure your beauty salon is running optimally.

Collaboration with other professionals

As a complete space design service, Lanvain has an extensive network of professionals with whom they collaborate in order to meet all your expectations.


Calling on the space design service at Lanvain has many advantages. Their attentive listening, their expertise, their ability to maximize space, harmonize colors and create an atmosphere, as well as their continuous support make them the ideal partner for the realization of your beauty salon. With their help, you can be sure that your space will be carefully designed, in line with your expectations and goals, to create a place where your customers will feel comfortable and where your vision will be fully realized.