Everything you need to know about your Styling Chair

Faux Leather

First of all, know that the seat of your hairdressing chair is made of faux leather. It is not made of genuine leather, since it requires special maintenance. It is not resistant to water, corrosive products or abrasive elements.

Faux leather, for its part, is mainly composed of polyester, since it is robust in the long term. It reacts quite well to virulent products and it is waterproof. The faux leather used on our furniture is of high quality, suitable for hairdressing.

In addition, maintaining it is simple. Use only lukewarm water and soft soap. However, any stain must be removed within the first 10 minutes of coming into contact with the faux leather. Otherwise, the product will be soaked into the material, leaving a permanent stain.


The Padding

The padding on our styling chairs is either molded in polyurethane or foam.

Molded polyurethane allows a chair to have a more organic and fluid shape, thus enabling an intricate design, such as our Relax and Wave chairs. It is harder at the beginning of its use, but it softens over time. A chair padded in polyurethane will keep its shape longer.

The foam, for it parts, appears to be more comfortable from the first use. We found chairs with a sectioned design such as the Blake, the Lea and the Maduro. Over time, the chair is subject to deformation more quickly than molded polyurethane, but the repair work by an upholsterer will be much less expensive.

The Hydraulic Base

A hydraulic base is a system that involves a pressurized fluid, such as oil, allowing a considerable mass to be lifted or lowered.

If a manual hydraulic pump makes clicking sounds, or stops working, it may be caused by improper use.

If you need to move one of our hydraulic base chairs, here are some precautions to take.

Remember to lock or block the system by lifting the pedal upwards. This gesture will prevent the base from rotating. Be sure to ask for help when lifting and moving a chair with a hydraulic base, as it is heavy and difficult to transport. It is important to put one hand on the pump pedal so that it does not come off the chair and fall to the floor. Note that the seat is not screwed to the hydraulic base. In other words, if you lift the chair by only holding the seat, the hydraulic base may fall since it is not attached to the upper part.

Moreover, if the hydraulic pump stops working, it is often because the metal rod has come out of the sealed cylinder by force. This problem frequently occurs when transporting the chair. This is why it is important to block the hydraulics and move the chair while making sure to hold the base.

The clicking sound when a person sits on the chair is usually due to improper handling of the hydraulics in moving. The rod, having forced itself out of the hydraulics, caused an air bubble to enter. Despite its tightness, it is possible. At the weight of a person, it tries to come out given the pressure. The sound will eventually go away from the air being evacuated from the hydraulic mechanism.

It is important to mention that the hydraulic cylinder of the base should never be tilted more than 90 degrees, as the pump, filled with fluid, could leak and lose its effectiveness.

Miscellaneous News

The hydraulic pump systems of our chairs are made in Germany. Their manufacturing location demonstrates their excellent quality control. Additionally, these systems come with an extended 4 year warranty.