Belvedere - Closure and Dissociation of Maletti

The Belvedere company, renowned in the field of hair salon equipment, was founded in 1927 by Walter Kiefer, in Belvidere, in the state of Illinois, in the United States.

In 1934, founder Mr. Kiefer invented a unique wash basin that incorporated a soaker at the end of the tub. This soak is tailored to the client's neck, allowing the head to be positioned inside the wash tub. Thanks to his invention, Kiefer revolutionized the world of hair styling, since his wash basin allowed hair stylist to offer better service to their clients. Over the years, Belvedere has evolved and began selling a wider range of products, such as styling and barber chairs, accessories and even reception furniture.

In 2018, the company joined forces with the Italian group, Maletti, also very well recognized in the field of hair salon furniture, to form Belvedere Maletti.

Consequently, this new association brought the opportunity to provide a wider range of quality equipment to its buyers.

Unfortunately, this great opportunity will not last long, because following the pandemic, Belvedere encountered many problems in terms of production and delivery. Unable to get back on its feet, the company had to declare bankruptcy on March 12, 2024. This sad news has a major impact on the Canadian market. Its customers, having purchased their goods over the years, will no longer be able to find replacement parts if they break or encounter manufacturing problems.

Fortunately, in Canada, an alternative is available to these customers affected by their closure. Lanvain, having collaborated with Belvedere for several years, offers an equivalent wash basin. Indeed, the Lanvain Meta has the same dimensions as the ones from Belvedere; and it complies with North American plumbing standards and certifications.

Lanvain also has some plumbing parts that are compatible with Belvedere brand sinks, such as the drain, the Whiz handshower and the vacuum breaker set. Thus, customers will be able to call on our expertise and our products for anything related to Belvedere brand equipment.

In addition, Lanvain has had a business relationship with Maletti for over 30 years. Until their association with Belvedere in 2018, we were the only distributors of the brand in Canada. While Belvedere is no longer in operation, we therefore regain our exclusive position. Therefore, we will be able to supply the whole Canadian clientele with Maletti brand furniture.

Ultimately, even though Belvedere had to close its doors, Lanvain is a timely choice for these affected consumers, because we have been known in the hair furniture field for over 30 years and we offer a beautiful collection that will please your tastes.