Atelier 731 Salon

Created in 2020, Atelier 731 is the perfect marriage of modernity and simplicity, offering a setting that is both warm and welcoming. Founded by French hairdresser Corentin Lê, this salon is ideally located near Old Montreal. Inspired by the desire to start out on his own during the pandemic, Corentin brought his vision of a unique and personalized salon to life.

Occupying an area of ​​4,000 square feet, Atelier 731 offers a wide range of hairdressing and aesthetic services. Rafael Estrella, Corentin's business partner, played a crucial role in the realization of this ambitious project. Together, they worked with an interior designer to create a space with a minimalist and proper design.

The absence of paintings and the subtle use of colors were chosen to give the living room a timeless look. A rounded wall lends an organic feel to the space, while large windows in one section of the living room offer a relaxing view of a garden, allowing guests to escape and unwind.

As part of this simple and modern design, the owners opted for hairstyling furniture from Lanvain, known for its elegance. They chose black shampoo units and chairs. A decision that adds sophisticated contrast and highlights the clean aesthetic of the living room. Indeed, the styling chair, Blake, evokes the appearance of the salon, since it has a neat and minimalist look with its square seat and rounded base. For sinks, the Taz complements the image of the space well, as it has a modern physique with its elegant curves.

In short, the option of Lanvain products for the creation of this salon demonstrates, once again, the importance of a refined and simplistic design for hairdressing furniture.