Aliss, Modern and Unique Beauty Salon

Aliss, located in Terrebonne, is an idea conceived by the owners, Alison Ciarciello and Isaack Matteau-Vaillancourt. Alison has been working in the aesthetics field for 7 years, and Isaack, her partner, is her business partner and salon manager.

Together, they decided to approach Lanvain for the design of their salon. The owners wanted a sleek and warm salon. Additionally, one of their goals was to offer multiple beauty services under one roof.

However, their project presented some challenges: limited space, electrical constraints, and underutilized windows. The chosen space had an area of 1,300 square feet, with several divisions (walls) largely blocking natural light, and the electrical panel was located in the center, posing a problem when it came to redesigning the space.

Despite these obstacles, Lanvain's designers managed to create 3 different layout sketches. One of them was chosen by the clients: the one that involved removing many walls and relocating the central unit for electrical controls.

Naturally, the final plan aligned with the owners' initial idea, making the place sleek and well-lit. In addition, their space can accommodate various service stations: a hairstyling and coloring section, two treatment rooms, and a reception area that includes the waiting area and a coffee and smoothie bar.

For the hairstyling furniture, the clients' decision to choose the Lanvain brand was spontaneous. They were well-informed about Lanvain's reputation for quality and comfort. With a beautiful range of colors and modern designs, Lanvain's furniture will appeal to their potential clientele.

In the end, Lanvain was able to meet the needs of Alison and Isaack while respecting the established constraints, producing a beautiful, modern, and unique salon.